Sove Longs EP

by Mim Jiller

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This is the first solo effort from Jim Miller of TREE, Tympanum and the Omniscient Troubadours.


released December 10, 2013

All recording of this album was done by Jim Miller except the track Young which was helped by Keenan Crow (Worc0). I'd like to thank Davy Haynes, Garrett Jeffords, Mitch Hass, Mike Hanke, CJ Gordon, Cody Campbell, Drew Dula and Keenan Crow in specific for creating music with me over the years and helping hone my craft. This album is for you guys.



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Mim Jiller Sioux City, Iowa

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Track Name: Daybreak
It's daybreak
I wake up,
Brush my teeth and
Put a comb to my hair

It's daybreak
I wake up,
To an empty bed
The thoughts in my head

It's daybreak
I wake up and
Wonder what happened
To the sparks that flew

It's daybreak
I wake up
With you in my arms
False alarm

It's evening
I wonder what you've
Done to my brain
I can't contain

This outburst
Can't even quench this thirst
Take me away
To sleep
Track Name: Bleu Cheese
In more ways than one
I wake up with that
Stomach churn
The passion is too high
And it's nature
Is to burn

Shrill falsetto
Against this broken melody
I'd like to piece it back
Give it some
Tonal body
But don't worry baby
I'll keep it all in key

Should I stick to scale?
Or fly off the handle
And turn this song a
Shade of blue
Like me and you
Track Name: Young
Your lit cigarette
Burning toward the moon
All I'm aware of now is

A drink in my hand
A soft word on my tongue
The bridge between your thoughts and

Because this night is young

I'd like to see you more often then not
And play you songs to sing along
Into the night with sweeping sound
We'll carry the rhythms

Because this night is young
Track Name: Monologues in 4D
Sample comes from
"Confused about 5d?"
Track Name: Charles the Shepherd
You were very little
When our paths first crossed
Now as time goes by
I'm still mourning over
Your loss

'Cause it seems like just yesterday
You were running in our lawn
Can you jump the fence?
With legs so mighty and
So strong

Walking backwards
On kitchen tiles
Those big brown eyes tilted sideways
Place your head on my bed
Just come up here and rest
At the end of my day